Saturday, 5 November 2011

Band Review: Fighting Gemini

Sometimes, you just stumble upon good music when you least expect it. That is how I found Fighting Gemini   very unexpectedly. The first song I came across was 'Naked or Buried Alive', and I thought, "Cool! A new Daughtry song." But then a minute into the song, I was like, "Now wait a minute, that's not Daughtry." Fighting Gemini have their signature stamped all over the chorus of that song. Though not a completely new sound, it was intriguing enough to make check them out. And I'm glad I did too. 

                                                       Photo Courtesy Fighting Gemini

Their other song, 'New Friend', has a sound that is more their own. It is a pacy song with some awesome crunchy guitars and drums that totally hit you in the gut! 'Test Drive' has the rough, edgy quality that can get the blood coursing through your veins and rushing in your ears. The gritty guitar riffs and punchy drums woven with Mike Donnell's spirited vocals make for a great Alt/Rock number. One of them's sure going on my playlist. (Check the sidebar). 'Tonight' is a clean piece of Adult Rock that should not be passed up if you really want to know what this band is really about.

I found it amusing that they should cover "Poker Face' by Lady Gaga; they just didn't seem the type. But they've done a good job making the song more alternative than the theatrical pop it originally was. Fighting Gemini has now officially joined the ranks of rock bands who have covered a Gaga song. They're soon coming out with their first full studio album. Hmmm... the songs have sure piqued my interest enough to wait for the album. Let's see how that turns out.

Verdict: They are like a tribute band to Nickelback and Daughtry.

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  1. Thanks! I fell in love with these guys!

  2. I dig'um as well, they got a reoccuring top 20 sound. A sound that you just don't get burnt out on. Looking forward to the sophmore release!

  3. This band is great! Tons of Talent. I cant quite put my finger on who they sound like though.

  4. Great sound! These guys are gonna go far.


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