Saturday, 18 February 2012

I Have A Confession To Make

No, it isn't about some sordid affair or scandalous evening; rather, it is about my blogging ethics and motives. Why did I start blogging? Because I had an opinion; because I wanted to tell people about the books I read, the music I discover, the authors and artists I love (or don't love). Because I thought if I could suggest a song or two of my favorite indie band to ten of my friends, I can very well help that band reach a hundred more people if I blog about their music. Wouldn't you like to know about a good book that hasn't really made it big yet? If you visit my blog and read my posts, of course you want to know! But what do I get out of talking about stuff that isn't really big in the outside world? Well, how's "joy and happiness" for an answer? Not everything that people do is for material gains. Sometimes, they just do things because they find it fulfilling and satisfying to do them.

So, if I say "I love promoting upcoming and indie artists", it doesn't mean I do so for money! Heck, it'd be atrocious for anyone to even suggest that! I promote them because I think they do an excellent job and that their sound needs that extra bit of exposure. So what if they aren't "the big thing" yet? They have the goods to make it big, and I'll be damned if I don't help them on their quest for making good music. Being a fan, I do my bit by making sure other people know how great the artist is. I do not accept remuneration for writing a review. My reviews aren't sponsored, and they cannot be "bought". I accept review requests from new/indie artists and reserve the right to write an honest review if and only if I find their music to be up to my standard.  Also, I may review live shows if I'm able to travel to the venue. I try not to post a bad review that may deter future listeners (when it comes to a struggling artist). If I don't like the sound or find that the genre isn't my forte, I don't review the artist at all. All I ask in return is for others to respect my sensibilities and not have a wrong impression.

Or, if I write about a book that I read and liked (or disliked), I write an honest to God review that expresses my feelings towards that piece of literature. I try not to pick crappy books lately, or genres that I have outgrown. But if I have high expectations from a book and it turns out to be not so fantastic, I'll let my displeasure be known; I won't get personal about it. I don't call a spade by any other name. If someone requests a review, I expect to be provided a copy of the work. That is fair enough, I think. And just because I receive a free copy doesn't guarantee a "five-star review". Puh-lease! You know me better than that by now.

So summing up all that I said in my rant above:
1. I do what I do because it makes me happy.
2. Reviews on this blog can be requested, but NOT BOUGHT.
3. It is only fair that you send me a copy of the material to be reviewed, and not expect me to buy it.


  1. I love how there are people (like you) who still appreciate indie works!

    Just a quick recommendation: my favourite movie in the whole entire world is an indie one, by the name of "Teenage Dirtbag."

    Watch it. It's the best romance I've ever watched.

  2. Hey Remy! Thanks for the recommendation. I just watched Teenage Dirtbag and I must say, it was VERY moving. :)


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