Saturday, 10 December 2011

Band Review: In Cages

Who knew I'd have my first request for a review so soon? And I am so thankful that it was a good band like In Cages that requested it. That means I dared not refuse them the review they deserve. So, being me, I jumped at the opportunity to spread the word about their talent!

So, our Fresh New Artist today is In Cages from Hillsdale, New Jersey, US. Formed by "Five minus one, musicians from New Jersey who had similar views", this band is a motley crew of four quirky beings.

Band Name: In Cages
Members:  Vocals/Bass - Lionnel Mascarenhas
James Mercer - Guitars
Filomena Jack - Cello
Chris Trembath - Drums & Percussion
Label: Unsigned
Location: Hillsdale, NJ, US
Genre: Alternative Rock

They're a recent band (another "fledgling") with only three songs out. Vocalist/bassist Lionnel Mascarenhas has been an active part of the Mumbai rock music scene since about 2007. He has performed at the Blue Frog club while in India and also has a record to his credit. Cellist Filomena Jack adds a classical touch to the band's repertoire of instruments. She also apparently plays "grammar police" when her attention isn't otherwise engaged. Drummer Chris Trembath and guitarist James Mercer make up the other half of this quartet.

The band just finished their 3 song demo EP and are now raring to go and rock their first gig in January. The first song on their demo is "Dirty Water", a catchy number with prominent guitars. The lyrics are quite angsty, but the song itself could have been more forceful in terms of the vocals and drums. That would have better suited the lyrics in my opinion.

Next comes "Walk Away". It has a serene, peaceful quality about it which is beautifully offset by the Indian classical twist that the guitarist cleverly merges into the rest of the music. It doesn't at all sound out of place. So, bravo for that Mr. Mercer! A quiet little song, in short. The lyrics are quite romantic too.

The third song is "Queen Bee", which reminds me somehow of songs by The Script or Hinder. Maybe it's the lyrics. Yeah.. Definitely the lyrics! This could be categorized under adult rock, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the way the vocals carve out the lyrics from the moody guitar riffs like a musical fresco. By far, my favorite song among the three.

My only grouse with In Cages is that the drums always seem to be in the background. Dirty Water certainly can do with more forceful use of percussion to offset the lyrics. Other than that, a pretty neat job by all the members.

P.S.: Nice to see a properly updated website, replete with a Lyrics section.

Verdict: Good music that grows on you after about two listens. Another new Alt. Rock band to look out for. Do not forget to download the free mp3's on their official website!


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