Sunday, 11 December 2011

Band Review: Splendid Chaos

I am HOOKED! I just can't stop listening to this band ever since I found them a month or so ago. It won't be too far away from the truth if I said that their song "Staring at the Sun" has been kind of a soundtrack for some of my more intense moments. It gives me a kind of enthusiasm, a zest to tackle the difficult phase I've been facing lately. Well, that and my beloved books and close friends. The chorus that goes "I'm not the one/ who will burn out/ staring at the sun/ Inside of me/ is a fire like you've never seen", perfectly describes what I feel right now.

Band Name: Splendid Chaos
Members: Mike Hall - Vocals/Guitars
Terry Sharp - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Mike Oakley - Drums/Samples
Jake Fountain - Bass/Backing Vocals
Genre: Rock/Alternative Rock/Metal
Formed: 2000
Location: Brandon, Mississippi (USA)

The band from Brandon, MS (USA) was formed in the year 2000 and has made music that spans the Alternative/Hard Rock/Metal genres. They’ve performed with such bands as Hinder, Staind, Trapt, Saliva and Three Days Grace. Their music could well be categorized as being a reflection of the bands they’ve performed with. Emotions and angst just ooze out of every one of their compositions, painting before us a brilliant display of creativity coupled with prodigious skill.

They released the CD Burn It Down in early 2010, of which “Staring at the Sun” is a product. Mike Hall’s vocals, Terry Sharp’s guitars, Mike Oakley’s drums, and Jake Fountain’s bass do make a truly splendid chaos! “Come and Get It”, “Energy”, and the titular track “Burn It Down” literally pulsate with a raw energy that is totally infectious. The various element of the band gel together so perfectly, they seem as various limbs of the selfsame being. Okay, enough said; I better let you sample their music and decide for yourself whether YOU like them or not.

stand alone player

Verdict: Abso-fucking-lutely AWESOME music! \m/

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