Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Artist Review: Bedroom (Noah Kittinger)

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since I last put up a post. I had one thing after another popping out of seemingly nowhere and hence the temporary absence from blogosphere. But worry not, I’m still alive and kicking (ass). :D

And I think you will find this long wait worthwhile if you care to read further. For what I have to offer today is a treat quite different from the usual fare. What would you say if I introduced you to the kind of music that you sometimes crave at night after many a days of hard work and neck pain and taking ‘boohockey’ from your boss, teacher, landlord, and whoever else that is a pain in the rear.

Bedroom is a pseudonym that Noah Kittinger makes music under. All of sixteen and the guy makes one helluva music; a quiet, ambient sort that will lull you into a sleepy, relaxed trance. Bedroom knows exactly where to hit you so as to soothe your frayed nerves. I say this from experience. And I plan to listen to it right before I appear for my biochemistry paper. (God knows I need to relax before that horror strikes!)

There are only two songs out as of now. One being ‘Concrete’ and the other one an intro to the upcoming self-produced EP titled “toys”. Apparently, the idea for ‘Concrete’ struck Noah in a dream. It’s a sweet track that reminds me of childhood memories; of candies and this one particular memory involving a dandelion blossom (dunno where that came from). I never knew a guitar could be capable of taking me to that happy place I knew so long ago. The reverb really adds that touch of dream-like quality to the song. And the synthesizer keeping a constant beat in the background is a stroke of genius! Noah’s voice and the instruments blend into one another so beautifully, you cannot help but dim the lights, close your eyes and remember the smell of fresh-baked apple pies or butterscotch candy. I know I’m being graphic with the description, but sometimes, music is best described with the feelings it evokes.

If you’re in search of a new lo-fi ambient track for your bedroom, then Bedroom’s your best bet. And let me add a bit about the cover(s). I dunno who did the photography for those, but they are freaking awesome! I mean, it is so tasteful, so subtle, and it embodies the soul of the album, the music so well! I would like to specially congratulate Bedroom for that.

Now, a little about the man behind the music: Noah Kittinger is a sixteen year old high school student from Nashville, TN. He’s been playing the guitar since he was about eight years old. He started experimenting with other instruments over the years. So, now he plays drums, bass and the piano too! He started making his own music at the tender age of thirteen. When asked if he was influenced by the country scene in his native city, he’s quick to reply, “Not really. I’ve never really been into country music. I mean, I love listening for those crazy good guitar solos in some country… but I’ve never been a fan of it.”
So, do we have the next Owl City in our midst? I would say no. Noah represents a whole new breed of musicians who love to give their listeners just what they need: one part nostalgia and nine parts great music!

Don’t forget to download the tracks here. Also, give the kid a like on his FB profile. You know he deserves it!

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