Monday, 9 January 2012

Song Review: How We End Up Alone by HURT

There are some songs you just can't get out your head, however hard you may try. But this time, I'm not at all trying to get this song out my head. It is just so catchy! And honestly, I have a thing for brooding, dark songs with whiny guitars riffs and crashing drums. So there.

How We End Up Alone is the first single from HURT's upcoming album 'The Crux' which hits the stores 27th March, 2012. The song starts with a heavy guitar riff that contrasts beautifully with J. Loren Wince's brooding voice as he laments: There's no more use in trying/ When there's no more use denying/ I gave you the proof/ I don't care what you'll do.

As the song progresses, the guitars turn more menacing and the drums more pronounced. And finally, just when you anticipate it, the whiny riff of the catchy bridge and chorus hit you! I just LOVED how it all comes together perfectly in the chorus - the vocals, the guitars, the drums.

But the lyrics could have been better. The chorus and the bridge don't really mean much. They're basically just the same sentence repeated over and over. Sample this: If you fear for my way/ well then you's see it from my way/ 'Cause when you see it from my way/ Well then you see it from my way// You will see things from my way/ Because you will see things my way/ I gave her my youth just to make me the proof/ That's how we end up alone.

Verdict: The song may not have eloquent lyrics, but the music is great! HURT fans shouldn't miss this one.


  1. I love it! :D
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  2. I love both Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace!! They've been two of my fav bands ever since high school. And Never Too Late's just too awesome a song to not know about. :))

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