Sunday, 26 February 2012

Absie Recommends # 3: The Break-Up Playlist

Absentminded Scientist

What do you do when you go through a break-up? I think I would curl up with my music player for half a day and listen to all the songs that give me comfort. Then maybe go bird-watching with a few girlfriends. ;) Here's my break-up playlist. Enjoy (or don't, as you wish). :)
  1. Cold (but I'm Still Here) by Evans Blue
  2. Dead by Fools For Rowan
  3. Goin' Down by The Pretty Reckless
  4. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
  5. Mala Gente by Juanes
  6. Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson
  7. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
  8. Perfect World by Simple Plan
  9. Rolling In The Deep by Glee Cast
  10. The Lottery by Emily Hanes and the Soft Skeleton

Break Up Playlist by AbsentmindedS on Grooveshark

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