Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Interview: Bedroom releases new EP "Toys"

Bedroom's debut EP Toys has finally released! Here is a little candid chat with the man behind the music - Noah Kittinger. A limited releasing of tapes of his EP will be out on a label called Furious Hooves. 

AMS:  How did being a "bedroom musician" come about?
BedroomI've always made music and have had recording gear and stuff. I just make music in my room away from everything. I like that way you know? It's like just me and creativity or whatever haha. It's great.

AMSWhat was it like to produce your own EP? Any difficulties?
BNot really no. Actually none at all. I recorded this first song which was "Opening/Intro" and I really liked the sound and vibe of it. So honestly the whole dream-pop/chillwave thing just recently came about and I'm sticking with it. It all happened pretty fast. The sound, buzz about the EP, the beginning of a future for me I guess.

AMSWhy name your first EP "Toys"? Any specific reason?
BMy buddy Chance made up some cool photos for me that had toys in them, and he like put Bedroom all over them. So I told him the name should be toys haha. not really a deep, poetic explanation but it sounds cool!

AMSDo you have a particular musician or song that inspires you to make your own music?
BOh yeah for sure. I could go on and on but I think the song writing structure of my songs is really inspired by Youth Lagoon. I listened to his album "The Year Of Hibernation" and loved how it wasn't a verse, chorus, verse type structure. Before the EP, I always tried making my songs like perfect with the usual structure and had a really hard time with it. It took the fun out of making music for me. So recently, it all just kind of happened. My sound I would say is really inspired my artists like Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, and even some hip-hop honestly. I've always liked the idea of keeping the drums electronic and distant sounding.

AMSIs there a collaboration with other artists on the cards?
BI don't know to be honest. That'd be pretty cool though!

AMSAny live shows lined up in the near future?
BYeah! I'm working on getting a live setup together. I want to keep the drums electronic, so I need to work that out somehow. But yeah live shows in the future soon for sure.

AMSSupposedly, you have a fan club to your name (along with a friend). Tell us about that.
BOh wow hahaha. My buddy and I made that back in like the 6th or 7th grade as a joke or something! We would just post random stuff on there for fun.

You can buy the EP here for just $1.50! That is dirt cheap man!! Sample the tracks below:

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