Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Song Review: Nocturno by Oliver Dragojevic (feat. Stjepan Hauser)

I'm now officially listening to Croatian songs. Ha! Who would've even imagined that I would start listening to East European music? But stranger things have happened in this world. So yeah, you there giving me the "weirdo" look, get over it!

As you can easily guess, it all started with my 2Cellos obsession. I would go on YouTube and watch whatever videos I could find featuring either of those two talented cellists. That's when I stumbled upon a series of videos featuring the very famous (in Croatia) pop singer Oliver Dragojevic and the now famous Stjepan Hauser. There was this very quiet little song; the video featuring Dragojevic on the piano and vocals, Hauser on his cello and a very endearing young woman as Hauser's love-interest/human equivalent of his beloved cello. It is a very artistic, an aesthetically pleasing video that just touches you somewhere in the general region of your aortic valve and brings a lump in your throat. I did not understand one single word of the lyrics (which I am guessing are pretty deep and just as beautiful as the video). The song starts with Hauser playing a moving melody on the cello, which is then picked up by Dragojevic on the piano and vocals. His mellow voice is like a soothing balm to your ears as he belts out the refrain: Sve ce zvijezde s tobom leci/ pune tajnih putovamja/ prije sna ti moram reci/ "Budi dobra, lijepo sanjaj." Coupled with the ribbons of cello playing in the background, the melody will bring tears to any music-lover's eyes.

As I said, I did not get the lyrics at all; and Google translate does not help one bit. But the video conveyed a few things that I think go well with the overall mood of the song. It is as if Hauser is the younger version of Dragojevic, who is reminiscing about his long-lost love - a beautiful girl he just can't forget. Her memory still remains as fresh in his mind as if it were just yesterday that the two were together. He remembers each detail; every ray of the sun that shone in her hair, every gesture she made... He remembers her as if she were a melody he used to play - still plays; a melody so close to his heart, it is almost heartbreaking to hear him play it. Every night when he sees the stars, he imagines her lying among them. If only he could sleep, could dream of her, he would gladly do so. But he can't; and so he bids her - his beautiful dream- to stay as she is in his memory; untouched by the elements, untouched by time...

This is what I think the song means. But if someone could be so helpful as to ive me the actual meaning of the lyrics, I would be forever grateful to them. Like, for eternity! I swear!!

Verdict: If a song can touch you so deeply without your even knowing the lyrics, it has to be some serious shit!


  1. Love it!  My husband and I visited Croatia during our honeymoon last summer (he was born in the Serbian part of former Yugoslavia, back when they were all one happy country).  The music in that part of the world is so full of soul and passion -- really, nothing else compares.  And I don't understand the words either ;)

  2. Wow! Lucky you, Melissa! I've heard the country is B-E-A-utiful. And (as I now know) so is their music. If only some "angel" would drop by and translate it for us...

  3. So I just ran into your blog because I'm a sucker for 2Cellos and Stjepan Hauser, too, and as an aspie and music freak I*ll translate for you:

    I'm not allowing the wind, no not anyone,
    to follow you, to breathe with you,
    to decorate themselves with your picture,
    i'm chasing away the wind, chasing away the rain

    Everyone carries his own burden
    and putting love away in their hearts
    go to sleep, it's time already
    "Be well, sweet dreams to you"

    I'm not allowing the wind to touch you,
    not allowing the rain to soak you,
    only the night shall sound quietly,
    only the night shall adorn you.

    All the stars will lay down with you,
    full with secret journeys,
    before you dream I have to tell you:
    " Be well, sweet dreams to you"

    I can give you all tonight,
    everything that promises can cover,
    quiet are the hours in the night:
    "Be well, sweet dreams to you"

    1. hvala, Ana! I used your translation to translate into Russian (i'm from Armenia)

  4. Absentminded Scientist20 April 2012 at 06:03

    Hey! Thanks Ana!! You definitely are the "angel" I prayed for. :))

  5. Haha, you're welcome, and you can also check out my YT favorites here, I'm sure some of it suits your taste.
    God bless :)


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