Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Artist Review + Free MP3: Hana Kim

There are some songs that you feel are apt for your life's soundtrack. They may have lyrics that fit your situation, or they may have an upbeat tune that you can imagine playing in the background as you walk down the street on a sunny day. Indie/Soul singer-writer Hana Kim's music falls under such a category.
Imagine your life being one big chick-flick, and then imagine Hana's music playing in the background as you ponder over a Long Distance Call (a Phoenix cover) or consider living in Mexico. Her mellifluous, soulful voice, when accompanied by the piano, as in the song Leave You exudes a Colbie Caillat-like innocence, while the upbeat song Good Feeling has a peppy Lily Allen-like vibe. There is not a single discordant note to be found in this sleekly produced live in-studio album aptly title Studio Sessions.

But Studio Sessions isn't her only album. She released the single Almost Famous not too long ago and played at such venues as The Viper Room, Saint Rocke, Hard Rock Cafe, Room 5 Lounge, and many universities including CSU Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Long Beach, CSU Pomona, and many more. She has also participated in many events such as the Chula Vista Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival and Asia's Got Talent (with Kaba Modern), KONNECT Panel, and been featured on media internationally (such as Paraguay's National TV Show "El Gigante De La Manana"). 
Another one of her EP, titled Until You Believe, was released back in 2010. It is evident from her work that she has a consistently appealing sound and continues to deliver impeccably produced music along with her dedicated posse of musicians. Check out her EP here. Also, Check out her video for the song Mexico which is also available for free download below!!

 Free Download: Mexico by Hana Kim.

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