Friday, 25 May 2012

Artist Review + Free MP3: They Know

We all know The Beatles are a shining beacon of great music from the glorious past. The Doors, likewise, are another great offering from about 40 years ago whose music vibes still run strong even today. There aren't many artists today that exude the quaint retro charm that the contemporaries of these powerful icons did. Although no single artist or band can ever equal their musical prowess, there are those that come real close to capturing the zeitgeist of that era. They Know is one such band.

Originally an electro-acoustic duo consisting of Daniel Ehart (lead Guitars, vox) and Lee Raden (Keyboards, vox), They Know have been consistently producing tunes that would instantly appeal to both today's youth as well as children of the flower power decades.

[Pic: Lee Raden (left) and Daniel Ehart (right)]

Lee and Daniel are the resident song-writers of this act; sometimes writing individually, sometimes collaborating and otherwise giving significant inputs to the process. Though not yet a complete album (although work on it is definitely underway), all the songs carry a shared thread of sincerity along with the honest vocals of both Raden and Ehart. Couple that with deeply poetic lyrics, light percussion and melodious acoustic guitars, et voila! You have a unique, soulful sound!

What I love most about They Know is that they do not pretend to be something they are not. You will not find overtly pop references to love, life and all things in-between. Yes, they do write about these things, but in their own personal way. No cliches whatsoever. And personally speaking, Mr. Ehart has found himself a fan in yours truly. After Marko Saaresto, if I've ever liked someone's voice, it would be Daniel Ehart's. It is by no means perfect, having those little flaws. But it's the flaws that make his renditions so brutally honest and earthy.

Their album is expected to be out by late Summer or early Fall 2012. Meanwhile, you may find them on their Facebook page. Don't forget to download Summer '78 and Who Stole Your Heart Away for FREE here!!


  1. We all know The Beatles are a shining beacon of great music from the glorious past.

    I was taught to despise the Beatles by my older brothers. The Doors were merely tollerable. Do you want a shining beacon? Try Pink Floyd!!

    I liked these songs though, thanks for featuring them!

  2. For me, The Beatles were an acquired taste. They sort of grew on me. And you are definitely right about Floyd! But They Know resemble the other two more. And a bit of Eagles too.

    P.S: Looks like your brothers and I will have a lot in common as far as music is concerned. :D


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