Sunday, 10 June 2012

Listen and Rate | 3 1/2: First Recordings

3 1/2 is a LA based indie-pop act led by vocalist Leila Jarman. Their debut EP, First Recordings is a collection of musical confectionery and candy-floss tunes. The songs have a '90s indie feel to them, and the cute cover definitely adds to that feel. Plus, that cat-head-on-band-members cover is just too cute to be ignored. The kitten at their feet is an added bonus. :D

They recently won the Deli LA magazine's best emerging artist competition. KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles and The Smell sent the band to SXSW, where they played some really great shows.

The EP is available as FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp. You can also order a CASSETTE TAPE version via their Bandcamp profile.

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