Thursday, 7 June 2012

Artist Review + Free Album Download: Gates

Gates is an ambient Rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Formed in 2010, this fledgling ensemble has already recorded two albums, the latter of which (named You Are All You Have Left To Fear) released just last week on 29th May, 2012.

The band includes guitarist Ethan Koozer, once part of the dreamy indie-rock band Lydia. Though, don’t expect to hear Lydia-influenced music here! Whereas Lydia’s tunes were reminiscent of chill-wave indie rock sounds, Gates assumes a more aggressive tone – like that of an angsty teenager denied of his/her dreams. Like this you mean is a far cry from the vibes given out by guitarist Ethan Koozer's former musical mates.

Although Gates has been compared to the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Mineral, there is also a dash of Three Days Grace to their music. The song The Sound of Letting Go, with its powerful riffs and emphatic chorus is an excellent example of this.

All their songs have an angst, which hits you in the form of crashing cymbals, dreamy leads and aggressive bass lines. The lead vocals are an appropriate match for the sometimes-hot-sometimes-cold emotion of both the music and lyrics. Sometimes he lovingly croons into the microphone, sometimes laments his misfortunes and at other times screams his heart out as the instruments behind him hit a heartfelt crescendo.

Check out their limited edition CDs and Vinyl records. Apparently, the artwork and the overall aesthetic aspects were personally looked after by all members of the band. That is something you don’t get to see often. Personally, I feel their artwork pretty much represents what their music stands for. It definitely is a good idea to snag one of their original limited edition CD or vinyl while it lasts!

Gates have opened for acts like Moving Mountains, Pianos Become the Teeth, Brian Bonz, Rival Schools, Prawn, Gifts from Enola, and Punchline. They have even completed a successful tour of the US (or at least half of the US). Both their albums are up for free download.

So, my verdict is, they definitely deserve a listen!

You can DOWNLOAD both their albums for FREE.

Rating: 4/5

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