Friday, 22 June 2012

My Favorite Indie Album Covers: Part I

I'm always impressed by the resourcefulness of Indie bands when it comes to making an album cover. Their USP lies in the way they interpret the vibe of their album/EP and depict it through the album art. Here are ten such album covers that I admire. What about you?

Today's theme: Hand-drawn/Doodle

Album: Antidotes
Artist: Foals
Country: Britain

Album: Feathersongs for Factory Girls Part II
Artist: Stripmall Architecture
Country: USA

Album: Friend and Foe
Artist: Menomena
Country: USA

Album: Hats off to the Buskers
Artist: The View
Country: Scotland

Album: Meet Me On The Left Coast
Artist: The Summer Set
Country: USA

Album: Childrenerdlic
Artist: The Skull Defekts
Country: Sweden

Album: These Places
Artist: Architecture in Helsinki
Country: Australian

Album: Under Giant Trees
Artist: Efterklang
Country: Denmark

Album: Unemployed
Artist: The Employees
Country: USA

Album: Monsters of Folk
Artist: Monsters of Folk
Country: USA

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