Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fresh New Artist: The Jim O'Ferrell Band a.k.a. The J.O.B.

I remember when I first listened to Breaking Benjamin’s album Phobia back in high school; I had it on repeat for more than a week. I was totally addicted to the sound. The war imagery, in both the lyrics and the music, was a complete HIT as far as I was concerned. I couldn’t get enough of that kinda music, and I hadn’t till this morning. Enter The J.O.B. and that was remedied!

Band Members:
Jason Crawford: Electric Lead Guitar
Justin Poroszok: Bass Guitar & Harmony Vocals
Antonio James, Jr.: Drums
Jim O'Ferrell: Vocals & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia (USA), The Jim O’Ferrell Band was formed when Jim returned from a stint in Iraq in 2008. Little wonder, then, that The J.O.B.’s music incorporates heavy war imagery. A case in point being their song Guardian (from the EP 'Letters'), which talks about life, peace and war from a soldier’s perspective. Blending acoustic and electric guitars with drums that make their presence known only occasionally, Guardian hits all the right notes effortlessly.

Messenger is heavier than Guardian in terms of the guitars and the percussion. The lyrics aren’t anecdotal; they’re more like a montage of images – broken, but painting a bigger picture. The distorted guitars coupled with acoustic riffs and Jim’s ardent vocals infuse true emotion into the track. Songs like Messenger prove that you do not need elaborate or poetic lyrics to effectively complement the music.

The J.O.B.’s newest single (to be released this July), Feel, is a more upbeat track filled with optimism and serene thoughts. This one has more of Americana in it than the other two tracks. But it still sticks to its Mod-Rock sound while exploring the more ‘folksy’ genre. Jim’s voice reminds me very much of Three Days Grace’s Adam Gontier. Overall, Feel is a great song to include in your Valentine’s mix-tape or ‘Sunny Days Playlist’ without sounding mushy. That’s a total win-win!!

Verdict: If you are a Breaking Benjamin fan, listen to this one. You’ll love it. If you’re NOT a BB fan, listen to this and you’ll still love it! (Although Breaking Benjamin is more Alt-Metal than Modern Rock, The J.O.B.’s music comes closest to their Phobia phase.)

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  1. Nice review . The J.O.B. creates wonderful music and lyrics . You've got to see them live !


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