Monday, 17 September 2012

Am I Being True to My Vision, or Just Plain Lazy?

"Dude! You've totally stopped writing on that blog of yours. Wassup with that?"
"Yeah, sorry. Just didn't find stuff good enough to write about?"
"Are you kidding me? There're are some really cool artists out there. You mean to tell me the world's run out of good music? Pffft! Admit it, you're a lazy bum."
That was a conversation I had with a friend of mine who was right in pointing out that I hadn't blogged for over two months. Well, they don't call me absent-minded for nothing! But jokes apart, would it be too far-fetched to assume that I just didn't have the motivation to write about artists that I didn't feel I had a connection with? Also, I must admit, I do tend to get distracted by a million other projects that I plan on finishing. It therefore comes as no surprise that I don't end up finishing most of those projects. Sometimes, it just kills to have a brain that works overtime to give you a thousands schemes a day and not the strength or inclination to see them through to the end.

But then again, my love for music surpasses all these hare-brained ideas and, like a drunk who must eventually return to the comfort of his bed in the morning after a night of revelry, I return to find solace in the "arms" of my headphones. And, like my caustic friend so rightly pointed out, the world hasn't run out of great new artists. I just did not step out of my comfort zone to look around a bit harder to find something I had never heard before. Lots of things happened in the meantime that made me realize that, after all is said and done, there are only certain things that remain permanently with us, while all else fades. For me, music is one such thing.


  1. I actually wondered whether you are alive at all. You know, the lab work is dangerous - an explosion here, a virus there...;)

    1. Hahahaha! Yeah, it actually was quite dangerous. So I left it forever. Now I'm a student of Literature and Languages! :)) Feels good to be finally among like-minded people.


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