Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Absie Recommends # 1: Tackle That Angst

Absentminded Scientist

I've had such a crappy time in college these last few days that I invariably end up listening to some pretty angst-ridden songs to let out steam. For me, that is a great stress-buster. So I thought I would post a compilation of all those songs that have helped me mentally bash up my detractors. ;)

Awake and Alive - Skillet

Thoughtless - KoЯn

What You Want - Evanescence

Cold (But Im Still Here) - Evans Blue

Man in the box - Alice in chains

Sleep - My Chemical Romance

Snuff - Slipknot

In The Shadows - The Rasmus

Goin' Down - The Pretty Reckless

Voices in My Head - Rev Theory


  1. ughh I think... I love you :|

  2. I don't know what part of the world you're in, but one of my favourite angsty singers is Alanis Morissette (she's Canadian).  And I LOVE my female angsty singers!  There's nothing better than "You Oughta Know" cranked in the car on my way home after a crappy day at work =P

  3. Of course I know Alanis! Just that I've found her too "grown-up" for my taste. Maybe I should start listening to her music again now; see if it feels any different. :)


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