Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Morning Splash # 2: Casting for The Monstrumologist

Hey everybody! Hope you are all having as awesome a new year's day as me! :) Here's wishing all of you peeps a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! :D

Today, I'll be casting for The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey. For those uninitiated, here is my review of this awesome book. It does not have a lot of characters, but many characters have a few possible alternatives. So, here's a list of the actors that I think should be cast in the following roles:

Dr. Pellinore Warthrop
The recalcitrant, reclusive and titular Monstrumologist. Dr. Warthrop has a keen cognizance when it comes to science; but when it comes to emotions, he has them buried deep down in the darkest recesses of his mind. Will Henry as well as his services are "indispensable" to him; hence his perpetual  commands to 'Snap to!'
Played by Hugh Jackman
Dr. John/Jack Kearns aka Dr. Richard Cory aka Dr. John J. J. Schmidt (Jack the Ripper?)
The immoral, extremely selfish, and sadistic "former surgeon" called upon by Dr. Warthrop to eradicate the Anthropophagial infestation in New Jerusalem. He finds a sick pleasure from all the blood and gore. Actively hunts for things to kill/maim.
Played by Robert Downey Jr.

William James Henry
The orphan whose father worked as the doctor's assistant. He is then taken in by the monstrumologist as an assistant. Though Will Henry feels no love for the doctor, he is nevertheless loathe to leave him alone and run away.
Played by Barney Clark (circa 2005)

Robert Morgan
The town sheriff and Dr. Warthrop's old friend. He has high moral standards and feels that the doctor is responsible for the Stinnets' massacre. He shows a certain degree of pity towards Will Henry.
Played by Jude Law.

Dr. Starr
The greedy, immoral proprietor of the Motley Hill asylum. He has kept Capt. Hezekiah Varner in captivity at his mental institution for more than 23 years. Provided the anthropophagi with their favorite dinner at the behest of the senior Warthrop.

Capt. Hezekiah Varner (younger)
The unfortunate captain of the ill-fated vessel, Feronia, that carried the accursed cargo from Africa to the coast of New Jerusalem in America. The only human survivor of that fated voyage, Capt. Varner is declared insane by the court of law condemned to a hellish life at the Motley Hill asylum.

Characters not cast:
1. Erasmus Gray: The grave robber who discovers the dead anthropophagus.
2. Malachi Stinnet: The reverend's son and the only survivor of the Stinnet massacre.


  1. A nice cast but not one I would agree with. ;)

  2. :-) I thought you wouldn't. Who would you cast then?

  3. You know how I feel about Hugh Jackman as Dr. Warthrop but Robert Downey Jr. as Jack Kearns is inspired casting! Now I feel like re-reading the book.

  4. I know, right! :D He's like the ultimate actor.


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